Welcome to the Wellness Zone Silvan Spa. We have prepared for our guests activities such as pool, jacuzzi and sauna. We assure you that you will spend a nice time-I thought about both those who prefer active leisure, as well as Guests who prefer quiet.

Wellness zone please bring with you:

  • footwear dynamic
  • swimsuit
  • the towel

Infrared sauna:

Single sauna. A session in the sauna, IR, as opposed to the typical dry sauna takes place at temperatures up to 60 ° c. Thus you can safely stay of up to 30 minutes. After a session in the sauna and IR skin is cleansed of toxins, and adipose tissue and cellulite are downsizing. IR sauna sessions are recommended by doctors to treat muscle pain, injury, dislocation of articular diseases, and cardiovascular disorders

Finnish sauna:

Sauna Bath consists of two phases. The first phase is a proper bath in the Finnish sauna, followed by raising the temperature of the body. In the Finnish sauna the temperature comes to 75-110 ° c, while the moisture content in the air should be relatively low, so that there was the possibility of evaporation of sweat, and as a result, the cooling of the skin. The task of the hot and dry air is relaxing and soothing body heating. The second phase is to refresh the body through its cooling cold air, water, or snow.

Swimming pool:

At the disposal of our guests leave the pool with the following parameters: length 8 ft, width 5 meters and a depth of 1.60. The water in the pool is chlorinated and has a temperature of about 25 degrees.


In the part of the pool is 5 jacuzzi with Chromotherapy. You can set the power nozzles in accordance with the individual needs of our clients. The water in the hot tub is chlorinated and has a temperature of about 35 degrees.

Vacu Track Fit:

Fitness room is equipped with, inter alia, Vacu capsule vacuum Fit. Through the use of safe for the health of a vacuum, improves blood and lymph circulation in places where nature deposited more fat: abdomen, thighs, buttocks. There is a rapid odtransportowania fatty substrates to muscle tissue. It's the perfect solution for people who want to 4 times faster to get amazing results.

Bicycle and hiking sticks are available:

For those who prefer to spend time more active we have 4 bicycles with gears and two sets of Nordic walking poles.

Single inputA Carnet of 10 hitsExclusive hire
Vacu track Fit 0, 5 h20 zł£ 150
Pool 1 h10 zł80 zł
Swimming pool + jacuzzi: 1 h20 zł£ 150100 zł
Infrared sauna + sauna + swimming pool: 1 hour20 zł£ 150100 zł
Wellness (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna): 1, 5 h30 zł250 zł160 zł
Wellness (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna): 1, 5 h from 20.00-22.0050 zł200 zł
Active Wellness (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna + Vacu Fit): 2 h$ 40330 zł220 zł
2 h walking poles rental5 zł
Bicycle rental 2 h10 zł