Hand and foot care

We invite you to familiarize with our offer treatments for hands and nails in our intimate Spa. We offer traditional treatments such as manicures and pedicures, paraffin and other interesting proposals. It is worth to pass on their hands and feet at any time of the year!

Is a natural method of healing the entire body, which is uciskaniu referred to zones of knee-jerk on the feet. On its floor lie physiological Reflex reactions of the body. Rates are less on a map of the entire body, its parts and organs. These reflex zones, also known as receptors, are found on the sole of the foot and instep of the foot and on the surface of the internal and external, in logical order of their anatomy. Chest Compressions and specific massage stimulates the internal organs work points and beneficial for overall health-stimulates blood circulation, thereby cleansing the body of toxins. In addition, foot massage can be a sensual caress-adds energy, relaxes, relaxes and improves well-being. The treatment lasts for 40-50 minutes.

Specialised treatment SPA manicure, smoothing and regenerating the skin on the palms and strengthening the nails. Skin regains its velvety smoothness and effective protection. Stages of the procedure: the development of the nail plate, hand peeling, mask, massage of the hands, cream.

Comprehensive treatment pedicure SPA, combined with a relaxing bath, aromatic peeling for the feet feeling of lightness and comfort. Stages of the procedure: bath tub, removal of keratinized skin feet, nail, foot scrub, mask, cream.

The treatment restores hands healthy and well-kept appearance. Stages of the procedure: the development of the nail plate, hand scrub, cream at the end.

A strengthening the natural nails, giving them shine pink pearls, natural glow, and nourishing nail plate with natural ingredients (vitamins A, E, H, pro-vitamin B5, keratin, Bee Pollen and silica from the sea of Japan).

Regenerative treatment for dry and rough skin.

Foot care treatment. Stages of the procedure: hydromassage bath, removal of calloused skin the feet, nail, foot scrub and cream at the end.

Painting nails
10 zł
Painting nails French
£ 15
Manicure hybrid Pro Mollon
70 zł
Removing lacquer hybrid
30 zł