Massages and wellness ceremonies

Massages and Wellness Ceremonies is a form of relaxation for body and soul. Are carried out by our qualified staff with relevant certificates. We invite you to familiarize with our offer, where you'll find a unique such as Californian Massage treatments, chocolate, Hot Massage Candle If a three-stage ritual of Silvan Spa for connoisseurs.

NEW! Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
PROMOTION of the 199 zł

It consists of five stages (greeting, peeling, mask, massage and tea at the end) and it lasts ok. 2. It is a combination of beauty treatment and a 50-minute massage. The body gets rid of toxins, disappearing discouragement and heaviness, back the desire to live and a good feeling. The skin becomes silky soft and smooth to the touch.

It consists of six stages (greeting, peeling, mask, massage, cream and tea at the end) and it lasts ok. 2 h. .. It is a combination of beauty treatment and a 50-minute massage. After the treatment the skin is covered with a subtle golden glow, the air smelled sweet with a broad rises coconuts, and the brain secretes the hormones of happiness.

Holistic Academy full of precious ingredients. Brings an exclusive world mysticism gold, caviar and pearls. Caviar is a large wealth of vitamins A, B and D, trace elements and amino acids and is a key component of intensyfikującym cell regeneration. Pearls is an ingredient in reducing wrinkles and brightening the skin. Beauty session starts peeling, tempting Golden flecks and particles of amber, that prepares the skin for the next stage-Pearl mask which it comes time for a relaxing massage, relaxing muscles and strengthening the sense of bliss. After the treatment, the skin is visibly rejuvenated and toned and beaming oprószona particles of gold and pearls.

It consists of three stages (peeling, mask, massage) and runs ok. 1 h cosmetics for citrus note have been specially selected by our workers, a 40 minute massage was developed for our clients and their needs.

A relaxing, fragrant chocolate body massage using warm, liquid, 80% of the chocolate. Acts as an aphrodisiac, stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness and contentment. Disappear, stress, tension and fatigue, and beneficial smell, touch and move to the land of blissful relaxation. Pouring hot chocolate body treatment soothes the senses, adds energy. The skin is smooth, shiny and supple.

It's ok. 50-minute relaxing massage, run with the help of hot basalt stones of volcanic origin, who works on the human body on two levels: static (by therapeutic pressure at specific points in the body) and dynamic (through specific movements and speed of massage). Massage improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, stress and fatigue. Touch the stones work soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.

Mexican massage Stones back
70 zł

Thanks to the relaxing warmth and exceptional consistency stimulates the senses and provides relaxation and well-being. Our candles are made up in 100% natural ingredients, it is a mixture of beeswax and coconut butter with added essential oils and aromatic: green tea, mango, lemon or cinnamon. This special treatment has moisturizing properties, releasing nursing care which gives the skin a silky smoothness and elasticity, nourishes damaged, dried skin, prevents it from aging, and we guarantee a wonderful moments of relaxation.

Nourishing shea butter-based massage
120 zł
Relaxing massage of the whole body
100 zł
Relaxing massage of the back
50 zł
Chinese cupping massage
80 zł
The scrub on the massage bed
30 zł
Peeling massage and cosmetic capsule
50 zł

Beauty treatments in cosmetic capsule

Treatments with the use of the capsule NeoQi Dream allow to purify the body of harmful toxins, relieve skin irritations, relax muscle tension and positively affect the nervous system. Remove fatigue, increases the ability to concentrate. The use of capsules for slimming promotes elimination of fat and weight loss process. The capsule is equipped with a Vichy shower, sauna, steam room, sauna and massage mat IR.

Slimming treatment and slimming silhouette Brown seaweed combined with massage, Chinese cupping. Allows for a gradual reduction of the circuits of the body fat and cellulite. Indications for surgery: overweight, cellulite problems, sudden and large weight gain, increasing the circuits of the body. Duration of treatment: 80 min

The treatment is ideal for all who want to lose weight, take care of the perfect and harmonious shapes. A cocktail of three species of marine algae, while the effect of modeling and pojędrniania the skin. Indications for surgery: loss of skin elasticity, small fluctuations in body weight, tired and exhausted body after long-term diets or illnesses. Duration of treatment: 60 min.

The treatment of muscular tension oil massage for women aware of the full-body care anti-wrinkle prevention, full, sensually fragrant. Results: a beautiful, firm, silky skin glowing, lifting effect. Duration of treatment: 80 min.

Treatment moisturizing and regenerating for sensitive, tired skin. The delicate combination of extract of Aloe pulp and long leaves the skin smooth and sprężystą, a floral scent takes us into a world of relaxation and relaxation. Duration of treatment: 60 min.

Whole body peeling + moisturizing cream
70 zł
Peeling of the whole body in a capsule of cosmetics + moisturizing cream
90 zł
120 zł

Slimming treatment based on lichi and Guarana, which assists in the reduction of body fat at the same time intensely by optimizing the moisture level. A wealth of vitamin C provides an increase in skin firmness by stimulating the production of collagen and to protect and strengthen fragile blood vessels.
Application of the tropical fruit aromas in addition provides a remarkable relaxation for body and mind.
The procedure includes peeling of the whole body in a capsule of cosmetics, the imposition of wyszczuplającej mask, and we skin aromatic butter. Duration of treatment: 60 min.

Fruity Paradise relaxation massage. Duration of treatment: 90 min.
170 zł

Aromatic, full of a wealth of aromas, the treatment that uses intense regenerating properties of honey. Application of extract of vanilla and orange provides a wonderful relaxation effect. In addition, Orange does stimulant and relieves nervous tension.
The procedure includes peeling of the whole body in a capsule, beauty masks, skin we and honey nutritional aromatic butter.
Duration of treatment: 60 min.

Honey and vanilla with a relaxation massage. Duration of treatment: 90 min.
170 zł

Ultrasonic cavitation slimming

Cavitation with Q-Energy is a non-invasive liposuction. Q-Energy is a device designed to combat cellulite and excess fat. The first stage, cavitation provides effective and non-invasive explode fat cells, resulting in: body contouring of the body, reducing the circuit of the body undergoing treatment, reducing cellulite and localized topical fat. The second stage is a lymphatic drainage device Active Press, which allows to stimulate the lymphatic system, the body's purification from toxins and assist the removal of fatty chains from the body. Important: before surgery and during treatment should drink plenty of water (at least 2 l per day).

£ 150
Q-Energy + Vacu Fit (price per treatment in the 5-10 series of treatments)
160 zł
A series of 5 treatments-6 treatment free!

Body hair removal wax

Mustache, beard, or sideburns
10 zł
30 zł
$ 40
Bikini, calf or thigh
50 zł
Whole legs
90 zł
The back or torso
£ 60
Entire leg + bikini
110 zł