Usługi medycyny estetycznej

If you are interested in Your professional services from the scope of the aesthetic medicine-welcome to Univeristy of Silvan. Below you can see the price list rejuvenating treatments using Botox and hyaluronic acid. All proposed treatments are safe and done by professionals.

Botulinum toxin for one selected area
450 zł
Botulinum toxin for two selected around
800 zł
BotoxLift (all around)
£ 1300
Hyperhidrosis-treatment for hands
1600 zł
Hyperhidrosis-treatment on axillary
1600 zł
Hyperhidrosis-treatment for feet
£ 2200
Removal Of Bruxism
600 zł
HYALURONIC ACID ampoule 0, 8 ml
900 zł
HYALURONIC ACID 1 ml ampoule
1000 zł
ZOOMING and PARAGRAPH 1 ampule of 0, 55ml
900 zł
ZOOMING and modeling PARAGRAPH 1 ml ampoule
1100 zł