A visit to a physical therapist include:

  • interview, that will collect basic information about the patient,
    study manual and a range of functional testingthat are intended to indicate the functional disorders caused by condition
  • diagnosis – examination of functional and interview allows you to place accurate diagnosis,
  • the therapythat includes a treatment plan. Physical therapist provides the most appropriate to the condition of the patient treatments, massage, manual therapy, kinesiotaping, etc. This gives you the ability to reduce the maximum time of therapy while maintaining effectiveness.
  • Prevention – any injury should be properly diagnosed and treated to prevent renewed flare-ups. To this end, each patient after therapy has an appropriately selected and walkthrough how to prevent recurrence

Effectively treat:

  • back pain,
  • joint pain,
  • headaches,
  • radiculitis, of kulszowe, of arm,
  • muscle pain,
  • inflammation of the muscles, tendons,
  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system, sports injuries,
  • elbows tennis player, golfer, tears,
  • faulty postures,
  • teams in overload,
  • We are przeciwobrzękowo.

Types of methods and treatments is adjusted individually by physical therapist in order to re-establish the patient to health.

therapeutic massage

transverse massage

-deep massage

-manual therapy

-sports massage

-trigger points

-lymphatic drainage

-pressomasaż activ press



-laser therapy

-magnet therapy


-properly selected and fitted under the patient's corrective exercises, strengthening, stabilizing, extending.

Rates for your visit: 100 zł
When you buy a series of 5 treatments-6 treatment free of charge!!!


Is a form of therapy that uses physical stimuli such as: electricity, heat and cold, light and magnetic field, as well as other gains in the range of physical medicine. All prices are subject to change if the client decides on a series of treatments or combination of these.

10 zł

It's a cold therapy. We use local cryotherapy in the CO2 system which allows for easy and safe carrying out of treatments. Local cryotherapy causes pain dziełanie, reducing edema, relaxation of muscles, increasing the range of motion within the treated joints, increase muscle strength and decrease the activity of inflammatory processes.

Deals with the treatment of symptomatic illnesses through the use of various kinds of medicinal currents, direct current, modulated medium frequency currents and impulse currents of low and medium frequencies. The aim is to improve blood circulation and pain alleviation electrotherapy stimulated tissue.

10 zł

Is to stimulate the affected amended place laser radiation.

Is the treatment of pulsing magnetic field, it allows deep effect on the body. Magnetic field therapy is safe and can provide an independent method, or be of vital importance in the process of comprehensive treatment.

Kinesiology Taping

This method, which allows you to achieve outstanding results by therapeutic sensory activity patch kinesiology tape/k-active tape. Applications of the patch are not in the majority of applications the nature of mechanical correction, but sensory action improving the functioning of local or influence the dysfunctions that are located outside the symptom (e.g. pain). So common physiotherapy or symptomatic medicine, gives a solution to short-term, because their purpose is to deprive the patient of symptoms.
Each application is preceded by a test, evaluation of musculoskeletal powieziowego. Is not based on the use of templates for specific medical conditions. Kinesiology taping is the most developed and dynamically growing form of therapy with the use of a patch based on the past achievements of medical knowledge from the area of musculoskeletal therapy powieziowej.
There are many forms of therapy, but the kinesiology taping: it is well accepted by patients, act in accordance with the functioning of the body 24 hours a day, and not only during the sessions, the effect of the improvement is noticeable immediately after application and persists after its removal.

Kinesiotaping small area
£ 15
Kinesiotaping average size
£ 25
Kinesiotaping large
$ 40


piece: 60 zł, total: £ 120

The most popular massage, which depending on the form and intensity can be curative, relaxation, exciting, etc. Classical massage include treatments that are designed to improve the physical and mental state of the patient, they are used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases in the fields of Orthopaedics, Neurology, Pediatrics, Gynecology and internistycznych diseases. Depending on the situation of the massage can be performed in the form of total or partial treatment. Massage works to relieve pain, improves the nutrition of tissues, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tone, improves flexibility and elasticity of the muscles, reduces adipose tissue, accelerates metabolism, activates blood flow and lymph. Most often used traditional techniques for massaging, or grinding, stroking, squeezing, pushing, patting. During the massage and we odprężamy. It also relaxes the body, full of tension and pain are rozprężone. The regular use of massage improves mood, corrects the existing skeletal changes, after the massage we feel less tension in the spine, back and neck. Classical massage improves the appearance of skin, it is better oxygenated and ukrwiona.

piece: 60 zł, total: £ 120

Massage in which the use of touch in order to induce feelings of relaxation and well-being. There are many techniques of this massage, but all rely on the application of systematic movements of the rub, stroking, kneading, or suppressing a strong oklepywania skin, muscles or joints. It is used to relieve tension and muscle pain, stiffness, and pain and headache voltage migrenowego back pain-cross for general relaxation, to overcome the stress. This type of massage increases the supply of blood to have an effect of space, which speeds up the process of treatment.

piece: 50 zł, total: 100 zł

Primarily used to relax your tensed muscles, provide thermal energy to the tissues and thereby improving well-being. Professionally made massage is also a diagnosis of causes of pain and help in their fight. Relaxing massage is an excellent way to inner silence, and its main aim is the reduction or elimination of muscle tone, which arose as a result of stress or effort. This massage is based on the grips and techniques that influence a soothing effect on the body. Relaxing massage can be used as a prophylaxis of stress, learn the proper breathing and relaxation.

piece: 60 zł, total: £ 120

Depending on the time of the application meets the various functions. Before the effort is in addition to the warm up, preparing in this way the camera work-więzadłowy to increased physical exertion. After exercise is executed in order to speed up the restitution process. The massage improves the blood flow in the blood vessels, accelerate lymph circulation, and hence increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles quickly removes the unnecessary metabolism products and supports regeneration processes. Sports massage can be normalizing, or regenerative.

piece: 80, overall: 150 zł

Otherwise known as lymphatic massage is used to improve the flow of lymph flow in the lymphatic system. It is currently the most effective treatment for swelling. Is a massage using the stroking, kneading and grinding techniques in such a way as to push the surging chłonkę towards the lymph nodes.

Trigger points
piece: 15 zł

The device to perform lymphatic massage Voddera. Active device Press is an innovative apparatus to perform pressomasażu. One of the last techniques, which have an impact on the execution of lymphatic drainage is compression (compression, kneading). Kneading facilitates the flow of lymph and blood towards the heart, helping to remove excess fluids in this way. In addition, it affects the motion of fluids, the venous and Lymphocytic, by using circulation special series programs. Stimulation of the lymphatic system through a special technique allows you to: opens lymphatic vessels and lymph pushing; reduction of venous zastojów and lymph edema; support proper metabolism; cleansing the body of toxins; cleaning and stimulation of the skin; to assist the process of weight loss and cellulite reduction.