Welcome to a unique farm

Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne SILVAN SPA It's the only such place. Accompany us throughout the year, amazing color palette being by nature. Spring lose ourselves in fragrant freshness green forests and and colours of flowers and shrubs. Summer in our time an idyllic atmosphere-in a beautifully water surface reflects the blue sky, gathered on the leaves of nenufarów frogs rechoczą over them and gleefully floats heady singing of birds and fluttering of wings unruly dragonflies.

In the fall, followed by climate change-becomes here a quiet mood. And finally winter comes bathed in white and silver. The tree overlap mięciutką snow cover, water turns to ice and snow, you can discover traces of foxes, deer, dogs and our other four-legged neighbours.

Silvan Spa offers accommodation comfortable and cheap accommodation 8 rooms (for every two rooms is one bathroom). Among them there are 2 apartments with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the exclusivity, as well as one room two-story, in which a stay may, from 3 to 5 people. Rooms are comfortably furnished, clean and cosy. The resort is air-conditioned, with Internet access. The price includes breakfast and access to the swimming pool (from 9.00 to 20.00).

In addition to the accommodation we offer a Wellness area (swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi), and a full range of SPA treatments (facial treatments, body treatments, massages, hand & foot care, physiotherapy).

When booking accommodation and packages with overnight stays, it is necessary to deposit the deposit.

Bar Silvan Spa offers regional beer brewery and a wide selection of wines.

Catering is operated by Kalimera with Lysek:

Cottages-vacation rentals in Silvan Spa-price list

Customers SPA *Only overnight stay
Single room70 zł90 zł
Double rooms130 zł160 zł
Triple room190 zł240 zł
Apartment for 4 people
2 rooms + kitchen
250 zł300 zł
Apartment for 4 people
two bedrooms + bathroom with jacuzzi
250 zł300 zł
Extra bed50 PLN50 zł
Use of the kitchen20 zł/day20 zł/day

* When purchasing treatments per min. 100 PLN/person.